GardenStew is a friendly community for gardeners and home owners. This has been my main project since 2004 and it is still going strong today.

Technologies Used:

Main features of this website:

Apart from the forums (Xenforo-based with customizations) everything else has been built from the ground up.

If you are interested in learning more about GardenStew's technical background you can read the following interview I did with LovelyReality:
Measuring Success and Building International Forums: Interview with Frank of GardenStew

My Lisk-related projects:

Lisk Delegate Charts

Lisk Delegate Charts lets you view which delegates are moving up and down the Lisk delegate rankings. This tool is used by many Lisk account holders to help decide which delegates to vote for.

Simple Lisk Account Monitor

Simple Lisk Account Monitor monitors Lisk balances on multiple accounts located on the Lisk blockchain.


lisk-prettify is an NPM package used to format raw Lisk amounts. It makes them more human-readable and adds a decimal point / commas where necessary.

Garden Plans Ireland

Garden Plans Ireland is a website I built to promote my brother's garden design business. Over the years this has found him many clients and continued business. It also includes "Irish Gardeners", one of the largest gardening forums currently in Ireland.


redux-localstorage-simple is an NPM package that allows you to save and load Redux state to and from LocalStorage. Supports Immutable.js data structures.


ReactKart is a fun kart betting game to showcase use of React, Redux, Webpack and other related technologies.